SqueakBake - Blender Addon

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SqueakBake - Blender Addon

Cristian Moga
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  This is an addon for blender that helps you to automate the squeaks and screeches of rotating objects to get 3d soundFx.

  Instead of adding the tracks manually and trying to match the movement to the sound use this addon. It duplicates the NLA soundtrack for every change in rotation direction or after a brake in the euler rotation for the specified axis.

The interface is simple

You can find the tool in the Speaker Properties

1 - just chose the name of the NLA tracks (it will replace all the tracks with that name, just don't name it "SoundTrack")

2 - chose the object that you are referencing, from the list or with the picker

3 - chose the axis

and Bake

I hope you enjoy it. :)

Version 2.0

It has multiple options to unlock your creativity:

  • you can now select from rotation, movement or scale to be monitored
  • the options to select squeaks for changes from a lower or higher values of the deformation or from a rest position
  • also the new experimental sequencer version 

Just add your sound, select it and Squeak Sequences.

This is still experimental:

  • the bake doesn't override the previous bake and the initial sound clip is moved at the current frame if there is no action to be baked on the selected axis/deformation
  • the script gives errors when the selected clip is deleted and you try to "Squeak Sequences"
other than that it works great

Fixed 2.83.x bug 

Upcoming updates

  • ability to customize when to add tracks (in action, or changes of action) for the sequencer version
  • speed improvements on heavy scenes 
  • options to link the speaker object to the target and move it in position
  • support for different rotation type like Quaternion(WXYZ)
  • ability to get the deformation from bones and fcurve animations

With your support i will be able to ad all this to the addon.


I want this!

The zip file that you have to select when you install the addon


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